Tertiary recovery up to 60 %

To deliver more oil from the reservoir additional, non-conventional methods are applied in this stage: „Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)“

One example is flooding with hot steam. Hot water steam will be pressed into the reservoir that warms up the high viscose oil sitting in the rock pores. The oil gets thinner then and can be brought to the surface easier. The disadvantages of this system are the high energy costs und the safe operation of the systems

Therfore more and more additives are fed into the poduced water before injection into the reservoir. These technologies are permanantly enhanced.

The method that is already used on the oilfields uses additives like polymers to increase the viscosity of the produced water and therefore get the thick oil more efficiently out of the rock pores without being bypassed by the thin water.

For this purpose Sonnek developped its Plug & Pump dosing modules (3), that inject the liquid additives into the low pressure or high pressure side of the main water injection pump into in line mixing pipes (possibly inside the Sonnek Plug & Pump injections modules )