Secondary oil recovery 30-40 %

The oil production enters now the second stage. For the secondary oil recovery water (mostly produced water or salt water) will be pressed into the geological formation through injection boreholes (= flood wells), to maintain the decreasing reservoir pressure.

For this purpose the Sonnek Plug & Pump Injections Module (2a) were developed. By injecting the water at high pressure rates 30–40 % of the total available oil („oil in place“) can be brought to the surface.

The remaining more and more viscose and dense oil complicates further and constant delivery. After 30 to 40% of oil recovery rate this process comes to an end. The last percentage of oil remains in the rock pores.

The water quality of the produced water or formation water is an important criteria for an economical operation of the oilfield and for the oil recovery rate that can be achieved at the end. For this purpose special water treatment technologies are required.

The cleaned produced water will be delivered form the water treatment system to the injection modules by Sonnek Plug & Pump Booster Module (2b).