SONNEK injection modules

High pressure pumping systems for produced water on oil- and gasfields:

Reliable high pressure systems in modular construction for the injection of produced water or salt water or sea water to increase the reservoir pressure during secondary oil recovery

  • Modular containerized solutions for Onshore oil- and gasfields
  • Skid based solutions for Offshore und stationary installation
  • SONNEK Turnkey Plug & Pump solution
  • Flexible system for changing locations
  • Weather-proof for all climes
  • Corrosion resistant against produced water with high chloride contents
  • Delivery rates from 1m³/h to 60m³/h per injection module
  • Delivery rates up to 150m³/h per pump skid Pressure rates up to 300bar und more
  • Leak-free and emission-free execution Control system for fully automated operation and variable delivery and pressure rates
  • API 674 high pressure plunger pumps preferably from HAMMELMANN

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